Bottled Gas

Gas & Go can provide you with Liquid Petroleum Gas for your needs!

We can provide both types of LPG which is available in cylinders:



Sold in blue bottles, butane freezes at 0°c and, as such, is not suitable for outdoor use in winter, or in cold climates.  In temperate climates like the UK it is often used for cabinet heaters, gas BBQ’s and camping gas.


Sold in red bottles, propane freezes at -42°c and is suitable for outside use in all but very extreme climates.  Common uses range from central heating for houses and offices to factories and pheasant rearing, driving a variety of machinery from incinerators to fork lift trucks, and for a number of industrial and commercial heating processes from grain drying to cooking and baking at home and outdoors.


Gas Supplies

See below for the available sizes:

3.9 Kgs Propane
4.5 Kgs Butane
7.0 Kgs Butane
11.0 Kgs Propane
13.0 Kgs Butane
18.0 Kgs Propane (Forklift Gas)
19.0 Kgs Propane
47.0 Kgs Propane


Delivery Available

Our bottled gas can be collected from site, or delivered in and around the surrounding area of Swindon by our fully licensed drivers, please call us to discuss further.



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We will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail. We are also currently looking for new trade stockists along the M4 corridor between Newbury and Bristol – if you are interested please contact us.